Baby Keem x Rap Pack Interview (2021)

Web Series  |  Director of Photography |   Editor 

Baby Keem discusses his creative process, his relationship with Kendrick Lamar, working with Drake, his thoughts on collaborations, his debut album, The Melodic Blue, and more.

Host: Carl Chery

Guest: Baby Keem

Director: G L Askew II

Executive Producer: Will Abramson

Creative Director: Carl Chery

Producer: Stacey Thiel

Director of Photography: Lawrence Ojugbeli

Camera Operators: Nick Jacobs & Malik Tune

Sound Mixer: Lo Aguirre

Editor: Lawrence Ojugbeli

Post-Sound Mixer: Raph Ryuichi

Production Assistant: Malik Riley

Stills Assistant: Elena Rojas

Opening Track: Daytrip & Richie Souf

Credits Track: Raph Ryuichi

Baby Keem On His Journey, His Relationship W/ Kendrick Lamar, Working W/ Drake + More | The Rap Pack
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