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LMN Creative Studios

Who We Are

LMN is a black-owned creative studio led by the multi-hyphenate creator Lawrence Ojugbeli. We are committed to upholding and furthering the legacy of our people on screen and in real life. We know REPRESENTATION MATTERS, so we ensure our sets are as diverse as the content we create. 


LMN’s purpose is to make a statement; in our work, how we work, and what we sell. So when you see something we made, you should know it’s LMNs. WE ARE MEANT TO STAND OUT.  


We are a one-of-a-kind agency, production company, and freelance community capable of handling full-scale productions while also being available to provide individual creative services. So take the stress away and hire us to handle any & all of your creative needs. 


Suppose your production is in motion, and you’re just looking to fill a creative role. In that case, Lawrence is available as a Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Creative Director, Colorist, or Treatment Writer.


We see it as not only our goal but our responsibility to diversify this industry, and we have the expansive network to do so, so please reach out if you need help diversifying your crew. We will happily connect you with talented creators of color that fit your crewing needs.

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